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History of Hamilton

Hamilton has a rich history going back over 80 years and three generations.

Hamilton manufactured the first sunscreen in the world in 1932!

In the late 1920s, Milton Blake, a young Adelaide chemist, experimented with the production of a sunburn cream. He had read in a German technical trade publication that a substance, which was a well-known treatment for burns, also possessed the property of absorbing the burning ultra-violet rays of the sun.

With the aid of a kerosene room heater, saucepans for containers and a pair of old-fashioned hand scales, Milton Blake made many attempts to incorporate this substance in a cream base. Many were failures, but eventually a process was evolved and a sunburn preventative cream was produced. The formula was tested by Professor Kerr Grant at the University of Adelaide and found to offer ultraviolet protection.

In 1932, Hamilton Laboratories was established by Milton Blake and colleagues to begin commercial production of the sunscreen. Over the years, Hamilton has developed to become a leading brand of sun care and skin care for Australian families, with a particular expertise in dry and sensitive skin. Click here to visit the Hamilton Skin Care website. Hamilton sunscreen combines the highest protection available, SPF 50+, with dry-touch technology to improve how it feels on the skin.

Hamilton. Comfortable Skin in Australian conditions.

AS/NZS 2604 : 2012; very high, SPF 50+, Broad Spectrum

Hamilton – the perfect blend of modern science with traditional values.

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